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WebAZ - What it is..

WebAZ affiliate marketing magazine - Scottsdale, AZ

Since we acquired the domain name in 2004 we knew it was an important puzzle piece in the business plan. Now the stars have aligned. We have developed a user generated promotional online magazine. Startups and small businesses through relationships, network marketing, promotional advertising can leverage this SEO ready platform.

Signup for WebAZ Magazine News, its free! Our Premium Membership, is a monthly subscription that allows you to setup an profile page, post your product and service promotions and advertise your business to a targeted network of business professionals, that also want you to succeed!

WebAZ News categories include:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Local Spotlights
  • Promotions
  • Affiliate Marketing

WebAZ - Premium Subscription

Small business owners, digital marketers, web designers, marketing consultants all can benefit from this membership. Our user generated account functions allow you to become a contributor to the news feeds with your companies or clients products and services.

There is no contract. It is a monthly price of $49.99, paid one month in advance.

We offer setup training and best practice tips to ensure your ads and promotions are optimal. All the content on this site is SEO ready and indexed for Search Engine Optimization.