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Passion alone is not enough for an entrepreneur to succeed. Capital funding secures the resources needed to fulfill the business plan requirements. There is no shortage of alternative and traditional small business funding sources that can leveraged. Savings, Banks, Crowd Sourcing and Fundraising are few ways to raise capital.


You know what you do each day to makes your business run. A Business Plan should have routines incorporated into it's daily processes. When you know what can be automated, do it. Your time is a valuable resource. Other responsibilities can be added to a "on-going" daily checklist. (a to do list) If you do this; it will create achievements that lead you to success.


Business Partners are not always on the board or even within the company. A partner in today's digital landscape, may be a White Knight for your products or service. Even a family member or friend that is your confidant which gives you the support needed to drive you and your cause forward. Like from Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, an envisioned council in which you form to seek specific knowledge. Partnership is simply key.

Time to scale?

There is strategy and timing involved in decision making. The digital disruption has indefinitely changed the shape of the modern business structure. Always research what you are investing towards and stick within your budget to avoid future financial pitfalls. Whether it is staff, equipment, hardware devices or marketing campaigns; scaling is a natural step for growth.

Passion AND planning IS enough for you to succeed!

If you are a sole-proprietor or small business owner looking for a trusted advisor or marketing consultant, Contact WebAZ today!

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