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WebAZ Internet Marketing - Past, Present and Future

In the 1990's, Internet Marketing, was in it's first stages of conception. Digital Marketing during the first stage of the Internet, Web Platform 1.0, was not entirely actualized since there was not a way to share the information over the web.

In the Beginning

In the mid to late 1990's, The first social media websites including Six Degrees, MySpace and Orkut had features such as profiles descriptions, avatars and friend lists. In 1999 the start of RSS Feeds were created (Real Simple Syndication) for site owners that offered new content or post on their website. Internet viewers were able to subscribe and get notified when new content goes up.

The Clouds Parted

In 2004 Facebook emerged and lit the fuse for what would become a new dominant industry; the start of digital marketing. Anyone could now follow or subscribe to a page, see real time information being posted and now had the ability to instantly share it.


Everything up to this moment in history has added to the rise of inbound digital marketing. Today, we can create quality content on a website. Share the URL to a social media platform and pitch a message that will drive a call-to-action (CTA) for the targeted audience (typically to a post, product, webform for example). Now, with small business owners and marketing professionals utilizing these processes effectively; one would argue this is the Golden Era of Digital Marketing..

SEO, video content and targeted ad networks with relevant CTA's are a few adopted styles of Digital Marketing. Artificial Intelligence will obviously change everything with generative AI production.

Where It All Goes

Trust and User Validation, Software and Hardware Security, Standardization, Customization and quality content created specifically for the qualified users; are all variables that will shape the future of the web. Web 5.0, the "telepathic and emotive" Internet, plans to be decentralized and web users identities and data will be reclaimed as their own.

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