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WebAZ 2023 Survival Marketing Guide

Many small businesses don't survive, especially in turbulent times. It is important not to turtle up and miss the daily opportunities that can drive you and your business forward! On the bright side, having an online presence has never been easier.

WebAZ has put together a 2023 Survival Marketing Guide for Small Businesses. Please use it as your marketing playbook for this year's success!

Practical Advice for Social Media

Social Media website features and profile images sizes for ads and banners typically change often.

Currently, these social media platforms are available and offer advertising options for marketing. This list of links will take you to their "current image and profile spec info."

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Plan your time according to implement these digital marketing strategies; or, allocate the the money into a marketing budget that you can use to hire help to get it done. If you need help or a partner to do your Internet Marketing, WebAZ has got you covered, Contact us today!

Off-grid Content

Be original. Engage directly with your customers and network with high quality content. Followers love to see growing businesses. Also, this genuine approach will not only help grab the attention of those seeing your marketing material; but, will surely differentiate your business from AI created content. Setting up an Email Newsletter still is another effective way to engage users, outside of social media. We use and recommend this Email Newsletter application.

Environmental Consciousness

Domain Name acquisition is a great way to drive your marketing message and generate more business. You probably have your business domain name. But, adding things such as various domain extensions, marketing tag line domains, and service or product names that include City or State can all improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can visit and Search for Available Domain Names.

Enjoy the Journey

People and the public in general, typically like root for the entrepreneur and startups.  This is your chance to shine bright. Owning a website, online presence or small business is unique. You are in a leadership role that will naturally influence those around you and online. When engaging your audience with digital marketing, ensure that their experience positive. To increase your marketing results; add directives and call-to-actions to your marketing campaigns, ads and posts. Finally, enjoy the journey!

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