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WebAZ Spokes on a Wheel Marketing

Once you've established your business or have it at least running; you will probably have a catalog of your products and services. This would be what brings in the majority of your sales or business income. Besides your "bread and butter," consider adding multiple sources of revenue related to your business. Or, "spokes on a wheel."

Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate programs are popular and easy to find. If you have a blog or qualified social media network; an affiliate will give you a percentage of a sale that was created from a hyperlink, ad or post you shared. The systems have built in tracking mechanisms that are connected to you preferred method of receiving payments. Depending on price points and traffic quantity reading your "paid affiliate advertising," this can be a profitable spoke to add.


On a smaller note, Micro Payments are a way for you to receive tiny online payments from a potentially large number of customers over time across the Internet. If you make graphics, movies, write books, create downloadable content or video stream; buyers will have little hesitation to spend a buck. The returns are directly related to the reach and your digital marketing efforts.

Paid Ads

Ad Networks is a way for you to offer various ads about your products and services to an Ad Network that will in return pay you based on ads website delivery, clicks. Other website owners want ads, yours for example, on their site to add relatable content for their visitors.

Video Shorts

Recently added to social media and YouTube are video shorts. You can get paid tiny amounts of money each time someone watches your videos. Over time if you routinely use video marketing, this spoke can be a great marketing tool and money maker. Every company is different and the ideas in this blog are just to help add perspective on what can be done.


If you have implemented analytic tags into your website, you may qualify for Re-Marketing. An example is when a web visitor comes to your site and clicks on pages that interest them, maybe a product or service; then, Re-Marketing allows you to suggest or deliver "like or similar" content results based on cookie sessions. This technique does require your site's website policy page to be updated with pertaining information, plus, a cookie notification agreement for the web visitor needs to be used.


Hopefully a couple of these ideas will help with respect to what is possible. A lot Owners will take on second jobs or do side work to fill gap needed to upstart their business. If you are just starting an online business; get the essentials done. Domain names, Hosting, SSL, Website Security and a website or CMS that you can manage. If you need technical assistance or want a digital marketing manager, please Contact WebAZ today.

If you are at that stage; please visit our Web Tools site at where you can Create an Account, get product discounts and receive updates about our Web Tools products and WebAZ Marketing Services.

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